Forbidden Zone

If Dark Star is a movie for pot smokers, than Forbidden Zone is perfect for crack heads. And it probably makes a lot more sense to them than it does to me. Chalk full of everything I love in a film: music, dance, midgets, and boobies. (Honestly, there may be too many boobies! And that’s a lot of boobies!)

Forbidden Zone

Here’s the plot: a dysfunctional/disjointed “family” has the entrance to another dimension in their basement. Their French sister, “Frenchy,” gets curious and passes into The Forbidden Zone. There, a midget king puts her in jail and then they fall in love. Meanwhile, her Jewish brother and giant, mute grandfather jump into the Forbidden Zone to try to save her by kidnapping the topless Princess and giving her to Danny Elfman, who plays Satan.

Danny Elfman Forbidden Zone

I think that there is probably absolutely nothing of value in this movie as far as social, political, and moral messages are concerned. Probably it’s really sexist. But, who cares? Because no one saw it, and we get to see boobies!

(I watched this movie at a screening paired with the short film “Sissy Boy Slap Party,” which was, clearly, very silly).



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2 responses to “Forbidden Zone

  1. brian

    gav and watched this movie a while back. it’s a strange one. i think we may not have finished it.

  2. i think we did finish it but it got old after a while. but i like it still. a lot of crazy ideas and yes this movie is for people on crack i think.

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