i’m remembering, i’m remembering!

dear jesus,

i know i haven’t written directly to you lately, but you understand that i’m writing these movie reviews (i’m using the term movie review very loosely; actually i’m using it as a joke) to you. unless you dont exist. then, i guess, i’m writing to no one, no-thing, nothing. i already forgot why i was going to start this post in a prayer. why can’t i focus? t here has to be something that’ll help me focus!


shit, man. good movies seem to be falling from heaven.

monday night tcm showed cooley high. it’s like american graffitti except it’s about inner city high school kids and it’s actually good. the music is also better (all motown hits), the characters have better names and are funnier, they ride trains instead of cruise around in their parents cars and they watch godzilla in the movie.

last night tcm showed marnie. it’s a mid sixties hitchcock movie. here’s what i’ve only recently realized about hitchcock: he is one of the funniest directors ever. but it’s a really weird kind of humor, mostly weird visual humor.

oh yeah. saturday i saw latter days. i guess it’s groundbreaking because it’s gay and softcore and features missionaries, but it’s also way too long and badly written with almost no production value. it did have it’s bright spots. like when the ex-missionary kid sees this music video by his boyfriend’s roommate (which features lyrics stolen from the the boyfriend’s private journal and a a scrolling text at the bottom of the video explaining that this song isn’t about the singer’s old boyfriend, but about her roommate) when he’s in some kind of gay rehab (i’m guessing something like evergreen — his parents forced him in their after he tried to kill himself because he got excommunicated for kissing a boy on his mission) and finds the strength to wait out the “treatment” and find his boyfriend who thought the ex-missionary was dead.


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  1. natali

    at first i thought you were talking about the movie happy valley that just came out. but i think that is about substance abuse.

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