stephen, remember science!

i heard mitt romney on the radio the other day evading a question of whether water-boarding does or does not constitute torture.  romney argued that publicly defining which interrogation acts are legal and which are illegal is bad because then the enemy knows exactly what to expect if they are ever subjected to an interrogation.  romney got this advice from cofer black who happens to be vice-president of blackwater.

this reminded me of robocop.  besides being a retelling of the jesus story, robocop is also about the privatization of the public sphere.   omni consumer products, like blackwater, makes it’s living getting government contracts–production of military products, creation of mercenary armies and providing private police forces.  and the worst part is is that these companies are entirely unaccountable.  blackwater can torture and kill iraqis and still get government contract after government contract just like omni can have a rogue robot-cop kill a bunch of people and still not suffer any consequences.

last night i watched strange impersonations, an anthony mann noir posing as a women’s melodrama.  pretty great.  first off, it was only 68 minutes.  then it was all about women in the sciences.  nora is working on a new anesthetic and can’t be bothered by marriage until she’s finished testing her anesthetic.   her assistant wonders about her priorities, “i wouldn’t delay my marriage for science.”  the movie also features drug trips, burned faces, re-constructive surgery leading to new identities and accidental murders.  it was really good.  i thought nora was the biggest babe in the movie.  fight thought it was her assistant.


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