what’s my first name?

i’ve seen too many good movies lately and i’ve been too lazy to blog about them.

dark star is the best science fiction movie i have ever seen. i like it more than star wars (which is saying a lot for me). actually, i think this movie had as big a impact on the look of star wars as 2001.

speaking of being influenced by dark star, i saw boyle’s sunshine. while it seems to be about humans somehow postponing the end of our solar system, i think it’s actually about how meaningless our lives are on a galactic scale. there are some spectacular deaths and enough dark star references to keep you laughing except during the parts where you’re scared. and the movie is in love with cillian murhpy, but who isn’t?

other great sci-fi films i’ve seen in the last two months? well, there’s robo-cop. i’m dead serious about robo-cop being amazing. it’s like a two-hour commercial for the movie robo-cop. it’s slick and funny and understands how cybernetics and artificial intelligence change what we think it means to be human. and there’s this tv show in the movie called tj lazer which seems like the best cop show imaginable. and i guess it’s also a retelling of the greatest story ever told.

i also saw blade runner in the theater and alien the next day.  i used to hate ridley scott, but he did make one good movie (alien, which is also a lot like dark star) and one spectacular movie (blade runner).  it’s just sad he stopped trying to be interesting 25 years ago.  i blame a negative influence form his brother tony (who made top gun, which is probably a precursor to brokeback mountain).  blade runner is a strange movie.  and i mean that as a compliment.



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7 responses to “what’s my first name?

  1. David

    I really want to see Dark Star now.

  2. I watched part of Red Eye last night. When I saw it the first time I thought it was okay, but last night I was confused as to why she would want to save the war mongerer at all. He seems like an ass to me.

  3. brian

    i have a theory about that:
    the rumsfield character is having an affair with the main lady. why else would she sacrifice her dad’s life (not to mention her own) for some career bureaucrat who spends way too much time fake-baking. also, i think the head of home-land security guy was actually behind his own assassination attempt. remember earlier in the movie when he says directly to the camera, “have i got your attention?” he was talking about terrorist and getting the terrorist’s attention but i think it’s also about how this battle with terrorist is fought through images. to motivate the public into giving up more of their rights, they needed something horrific and spectacular — something that can be replayed over and over on television. so the plan was to have the fake terrorist in the movie kill the homeland security director’s family to really bring the effets of terrorism home.

  4. I knew there was something fishy going on! It’s just like Pearl Harbor. Bitches.

  5. natali

    i am not in love with cillian murphy. but if he asked me out i would go.

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