Go ahead, stop fighting it…you’re gay!

Do you think Brokeback Mountain could have been made with two less appealing actors? I’m not saying they had to be Steve Buschemi or Joseph Fiennes ugly (perhaps a personal bias), but to pick the two most attractive up-and-coming young actors in Hollywood to portray such hardcore scenes seems far too obvious. Those were some great performances, but I really don’t think audiences would have flocked to Clint Howard like they did to see some bare Gyllenhaul ass.

brokeback mountain

I remember when that movie came out I was calling it porn for women. Didn’t really work that way, did it?

brokeback kiss
(pretty good caption, right?)

I was watching Brokeback today for the first time since opening weekend and I was very impressed. A nice mixture of melodrama and the western without glossing over anything Hollywood style. I read an article in Film Comment about how this film is actually detrimental to the themes it is trying to bring out because of the slick craft involved. Essentially, D.A. Miller’s argument suggests that this is a case of objectifying The Homosexual for the purpose of assuaging liberal guilt (I think…the language was pretty convoluted).

But, it seems to me that using such handsome fellas and then surprising everyone with a pretty graphic scene and no foreplay is an effort to avoid that kind of objectification.

I don’t know…just thinking. Also, I wanted an excuse to put some nice pictures up…to gaze at.

brokeback mountain



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9 responses to “Go ahead, stop fighting it…you’re gay!

  1. David

    The reason really these actors were cast was to help audiences understand and sympathize with their actions. It was an attempt to help us heterosexual men understand a little bit what its like to be gay. I would find it really hard to relate to Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joseph Fiennes if they were going at it on the screen. In fact, I would be grossed out by it. However, its easy to understand why Jake let Heath fuck him in the ass. He’s hot. Who wouldn’t?

  2. What’s with the Joseph Fiennes hate? He’s definintely not on the Buscemi/Clint Howard level. By the way, when I thought of which actors I would cast in the ugly version of Brokeback, I thought of Clint Howard first. 🙂

  3. Oh, and this is not Whitney–it’s Scott.

  4. brian

    i’ve never seen this movie, mostly because i like my homosexually themed movies to awesome like fireworks or nowhere.

    and also because this movie seemed to politically calculated. and not actually subversive.

  5. Sure, I think you have a point there, and it’s a lot like what that Miller guy was saying (there was a whole section on Brokeback in Sight and Sound, which was where I got that). But I think the reason that the film is successful is because it got people to think about issues of homosexuality in very personal terms. Like, people in Utah could go see the movie expecting to be disgusted by over-sexed gays, but are actually surprised by how sweet it is. I don’t know…I like it for what it is.

  6. Natali

    i have never seen brokeback but i wouldnt see it because of jake or heath (although i have crushes on both) i would see it for that anne hathaway. i end up liking almost every movie i see her in. i keep hoping ella enchanted or the princess diaries (one or two) will make this blog.

  7. dust

    Hi. The best thing about that movie is that it’s really not calculated. I thought. and in a way its more subversive than a movie like nowhere, because it’s not esoteric. Meaning there’s a chance my mom might see it and get it. And be exposed to something very new to her.
    Oh, and there’s a new pick of the week on killerbuds.wordpress.com

  8. brian

    that seems true about your mom (and mom’s across the nation) being exposed to alternative lifestyles that aren’t too alternative.

    i don’t know if the movie is calculated; i’ve never seen it and will take your word that it’s not. i meant that the marketing and all the oscar shit was calculated. but that’s not the movies fault.

    but i still think i’ll never see it.

  9. heather

    I only like this move because I get to see Anne’s boobies. And I like the clothes. Does that make me gay?

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