Joe Dante Double Feature

Remember how funny Gremlins 2 is? Putting that really catchy main tune aside, I love the idea of a creature whose sole purpose is to create chaos. It’s the anarchist in me, I think.

So Joe Dante was at the Castro theatre today with Veronica Carlson.
Veronica Carlson and Christopher Lee
Between Matinee and Gremlins 2 they sat up on stage with some name-dropping old guy talking about Christopher Lee. And Christopher Lee’s cool and all, but the stories they were telling were fucking boring. For example:
Host: Do you have any stories about working with Christopher Lee.
V.C.: Well, I remember this one time when Christopher had just had a heart attack…or some…heart trouble, was it?
J.D.: Yes. Heart Trouble.
V.C.: And Vincent Price called him up and said “Is this the late Christopher Lee?”
(a lot of laughter from the three on stage and a few chuckles from the audience)
J.D.: They were always doing crazy things like that.

This was probably the best part of the interview because it was funny in that way that Mr. Show is funny (not funny). The rest was funny in the way that Everybody Loves Raymond is funny (even less funny and featuring people with ugly faces:
Everybody Loves Raymond).
It reminded me of how much I hate interviews with filmmakers. It seems like they never get into the interesting parts of the films, but focus on what that person had for breakfast, or who made what funny blooper. Sometimes Criterion does okay with their commentary tracks, but the separate interviews on the disc are still rarely interesting for a good percentage of it. Spike Lee and Kevin Smith are a couple exceptions I know of…there are probably a million more, but Quentin Tarrantino made it so I’ll probably never willingly watch another interview special DVD feature again.

Anyway, I bring the whole thing up because I think I remember talking to you (Brian, not God) about good movies to show kids (that aren’t The Brave Little Toaster) and I think Matinee would be a good one.



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3 responses to “Joe Dante Double Feature

  1. brian

    this isn’t a good movie to show kids, but have you ever seen the honeymoon killers? the grandma from everybody loves raymond is in it for a little bit. and the move is awesome and pretty violent.

    and i think kevin smith is never a good interview.

  2. Really, you don’t like kevin smith interviews? Do you like his movies? I think there are a lot of unfortunate things about the way he talks and a lot of his political views, but I really appreciate how willing he is to talk candidly about a lot of his life. Plus, he’s funny. Or, at least, I think so.

    I haven’t seen honeymoon killers yet, but it’s on my queue. I saw the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford yesterday, though. It was really really good. Really good.

  3. Koval

    mr show is one of the funniest comedy series ever made and that’s not open for debate


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