very strange weather

i haven’t been watching as many movies as i usually do.  i attribute this to the us open and the amount of time it takes to make a record.

speaking of records, fight and i made one.  satan’s trigger by satan’s joystick.  as you know, i sold we sold our soul to the devil in timecapsule diamond.  even though it was only a movie, fight and i have been taking it seriously; dead seriously.  so far i’ve been pretty disappointed with the whole selling my soul.  i’m yet to be rich and/or famous.  but taking my cues from what i know about you, lord, i’m trying to be patient understanding that i’ve got to prove my faith in satanism by persevering though this satan-less time.

so we finished our record and were previewing the record the other night during a fairly vicious storm.  in the middle of the preview, the power kept going on and off (due to the high winds, i’m assuming) but the music kept on playing.  that’s pretty creepy.  especially when you consider that the name of the band and album reference satan and there are a couple of moments on the album that neither fight nor i can account for so naturally we assume that it’s satan making an appearance on the record.  the good news for you, lord, is that the more i become convinced of satan’s influence in my life, the more i assume that you’re out their somewhere too.  but right now, i’m liking satan’s coincidences more than yours.  but don’t feel bad, you can still win me back with some cool coincidences.

as far as movies, in the last couple weeks i’ve watched three fritz lang films: women in the window, scarlet street and the big heat.  scarlet street was the best of the bunch.



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2 responses to “very strange weather

  1. In high school I was dating this kid who used a ouiji board that told him I was going to die. I don’t know if it meant immediately, or just sometime in the future, because I’m still going strong. What does Satan have to say about that one? Or do you think that boy was just using that as some kind of line. Like, “I thought you were going to die and realized I can’t live without you.” Okay, so if that’s true it could have been Satan doing him a favor (assuming I responded favorably) or it could have just been the boy thinking on his toes. Anyway, the point of the story was to say that the weather acted accordingly that day, too. And candles – supposedly – got blown out and all that. Since you’re in with Satan now, could you find out about that for me?

  2. brian

    i’ll i’ve figured out about satan is that he works in mysterious ways, just like god.

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