p. o. e.

sterling hayden: part-time actor, full-time adventurer and some-time communist.

if i can trust infomation i find on the internet, hayden ran away from home to sail around the world.  later he joined the marines under a fake name running guns to yugoslav  partisans.  this lead to hayden joining the communist party for a while.  he later was forced to testify about his communist activities during the red scare.  even though he only named names already known to the committee, hayden says about the incident “i don’t think you have the foggiest notion of the contempt i have had for myself since the day i did that thing.”  and he lived in ferryboat and wrote an autobiography.  he reminds me of my friend ty.

everybody knows him from dr. strangelove and the godfather (because he’s so funny in those movies), but what about the killings (the best kubric movie i’d never heard about and better than most of the kubrick movies i had heard about which is another way of saying that i was blown away by it) or asphalt jungle ?  or the movie i watched this weekend, crime wave?

i couldn’t find any good sterling hayden crime wave photos, but he always wore his tie wrong; sometimes too short or backwards or the skinny part in front of the fat part or noticeably crooked or some combination of the four.  seriously, his tie was messed up a different way in nearly every scene in the movie.  and he’s heading the murder investigation.  he spends most of his time hassling an ex-con and his wife that are obviously innocent.  even the other cops think he’s a dick.  he’s hilarious.

and there’s a lot more gong on in the movie: showcasing the newest police technology and the (wo)men who employ them, higlighting the general antagonism between the police and the public, using a low-key soundtrack with almost no score but snippets of songs naturally showing up in car radios and all-night diners and a great murder.

motorcycle cop: you got any identification on you?

escaped prisoner: i got my identifcation right her.

then he pulls out a gun and shoots the gun.  while falling the cop grabs his gun and shoots the guy.  both end up dead.

so far crime wave is the best movie in the fourth volume of this noir set we’ve been working are way through, but tension had some pretty great parts.  like crime wave, showed the police using numerous illegal tactics in their investigation including hassling innocent people accidently connected with the crime.  come to think of it, mystery street had a cop imprisoning an innocent man who would have been executed if it wasn’t for recent breakthrough in forensics.

so cups suck.


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  1. Hey Brian. Sorry I haven’t called you back yet. It’s been a kind of hectic week…until yesterday…and then I just wanted to watch movies. So there’s my explanation. At any rate, I think changing the description of the blog is a good idea. I’ll get in touch with you soon.

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