we’ll show him that he can’t murder us and get away with it

this is what i believe: tcm is the greatest television channel ever!

that’s a strong claim, one that actually can’t make. i mean, i have no idea what tv is like in holland or brazil. then there’s the possibility that there is tv on other planets. and don’t forget about the unknown future of tv; there might be some pretty compelling tv in the distant future. so, when i say tcm is the best television channel ever i mean that it’s the best television channel i’ve ever watched and it’s probably the best television channel i could ever imagine.

friday nights at midnight they have the underground which isn’t actually hosted by rob zombie. the fact that rob zombie’s name is loosely attached to the program yet he has never introduced a movie robert osborne style makes me wonder if he really takes underground cinema seriously. i doubt he even chooses the movies. but whatever. here are some of the movies i’ve seen on the underground in the last few months: faster pussycat, kill kill! (a russ meyer film in the desert), frankenstein’s granddaughter meets jesse james, dracula vs billy the kid (these two films belong to possibly my favorite genre: monster-westerns), cofey, i bury the living (the picture below is a recreation of the graveyard board that haunts the gravedigger), spider baby, bucket of blood (a corman movie about the commodification of counter-culture art with pretty awesome sculptures, an unbelievable poetry slam and a singer-songwriter who seems like a humor-less jonathan richman) and the terror. all of the movies were pretty great, but spider baby and i bury the living are incredible. both do more with less than just about any movie i’ve seen.


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  1. As usual, I think your picture is worth at least 10 dollars.

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