i could too break out of hand-cuffs

yesterday i met a friend for lunch.  she had this book with her that was maybe called the future of nostalgia.  (according to my google search, my memory checks out.)  skimming through the chapter titles, i noticed a chapter titled dinosaurs: nostalgia and popular culture.  without reading a single word in the chapter, i decided it must be all about a kind of nostalgia for a pre-human history and how we reconstruct dinosaur life and times in popular culture to fit our own nostalgic ideals about our own culture with jurrasic park being the hallmark example.  because i often worry that i suffer from dinosaur nostalgia, today i tried searching around the internet for dinosaur nostalgia related websites and/or articles but came up with nothing.

so my question to you lord is why isn’t there any web-sites dedicated to dinosaur nostalgia?

here are the movies i remember watching this week:

alice is the best version of alice in wonderland i’ve ever seen.  it’s dark and funny and all from a kids perspective.  matt thinks it’s too arty for kids, but i’m still going to make my niece watch because i believe she’ll love it.

bad lieutenant was weird and disturbing.  i wasn’t sure if i liked it but i’ve been thinking about it for five days now and i think it’s pretty great.  at it’s best moments, it reminded me of cassavettes.

nowhere was a movie fight saw at sundance ten years ago that just happened to be on tv.  it was awesome.

and el topo.  i don’t know what to even say except that whitney, you need to see holy mountain.



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2 responses to “i could too break out of hand-cuffs

  1. I just added it to my queue and I’m going to put it near the top (but after Home Movies season 4).

    Dinosaur nostalgia might be what’s inspiring all these prehistoric movies to come out. Like, 10,000 B.C. (the title alone is sure to get some Christians mad). Or even Apocalypto…both of which seem like they use behaviors and customs from our times and force people in crazy makeup to act them out.

  2. dinostalgia. I followed a digg link once to this flickr account that gave a photo tour of the dr. dino guy’s fake science/fake history museum. pretty neat, but i can’t find the site right now.

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