they are the future

the other night fight and i were trying to decide what movie to watch.  this happens a lot.  we had already narrowed down our choices to three: the in-laws (starring peter falk and alan arkin), . . . if (with malcom mcdowell) or this low(er)-budget sci-fi film called robot monster.  we ended up watching the in-laws but came pretty close to watching robot monster.  while thinking about what kind of movie robot monster could be (during the process of choosing what movie to watch) i realized something very important to me and you: robots, and specifically the threat of sinister robots, make me think there might be a god.  (sorry, lord, i’m still seriously doubting your existence, but, in my defense, it’s your fault too.)  it’s been three days so i’m having a little difficulty remembering my reasoning.  i do remember sitting in my front yard at sunset thinking about what movie to watch that night and then thinking about how it makes a lot of sense that autonomous robots created by humans would most likely try and destroy humans.  we, as humans, are always trying to destroy other humans as well as any other species or thing we can, so why would our robots act any different.  but why did i think god would be behind all of this?  i can’t remember.


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  1. Is it possible that if robots are an advancement along the evolutionary chain and where we’re headed as a more advanced species that they might be peaceful? Or emotionless? Like Data?

    I’m not coming up tomorrow after all. I’m too excited for On the Waterfront.

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