Are You There God? Do You Hate Me?

Maybe it’s late and maybe I’m not thinking very clearly, but does it make evolutionary sense for the existence of two sexes? Why do we need separate organisms each with their own specific sex organs in order to procreate? Does that just make things far more complicated than they need to be, evolutionarily speaking? Maybe those frogs they talk about on Jurassic Park are further along the evolutionary chain than humans or even, god help us, Chimpanzees.

I’ve thought about this a little bit before and I figure that humans have autosexuality/lesbianism in our future. Maybe that would be achieved technologically or naturally or in response to some kind of man-holocaust. I’m starting to consider the fact that God really does hate women. Physically, women have been designed to be at a disadvantage – in structure, in sex, in subjection to pain. There are some things that cannot be explained away through social conditioning, and no matter what way you spin pregnancy and society’s attitudes towards “feminine adjectives,” those nine months put the female species at a huge disadvantage. You can’t hunt or scavange in your ninth month, and there is a definite reliance on someone who can.

I think I’ll just invent my own mythology centered around a female Satan who tempts women to get hysterectomies.


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14 responses to “Are You There God? Do You Hate Me?

  1. brian

    i think it has to do with the increase in variation. so if you reproduce a-sexually, the only way you have any variation is through mutation, but if you reproduce with something else, you always end up with something different. and since there is only so much energy to use on earth and everything else is always looking to take your share and everything is always changing, that variation is the only hope we’ve got.

    and, i heard about this new thing where they use undeveloped cells from lesbian couples and somehow use them to reproduce. so lesbians can have biological children.

  2. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. Because I was starting to freak out and thinking that there must be a god. Now I know evolution is alright.

  3. ryan

    god…i doesn’t hate you….
    but why?
    why you hate me??
    i just want to make a simple life…
    just a simple life…
    i close to you..
    i pray to you…
    why you make me so un-lucky every day??
    i just want a lucky day..
    i justtt….
    doesn’t hate you….

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  5. valerie

    you took away my mother,,you took away her love,you stood there silently watching on high from above,,i was put into foster care,i was beaten,i was abused, i was thrown to the wolves and left to live on my own,,TRUST IN mE you said,,i am the way the truth and the light,,and where were you i said while i suffered in my plight,,you watched me get hurt over and over again,,no loving God would do that said i,,you abandoned me,,now i abandon you,,you hate me God ,,so what am i to do

  6. Denren

    God does not hate you. God is angry. God is disgusted with you. God is not happy with you but he still loves you. You disappoint God because you do not like me.

  7. Darei

    Could you please stop talk about God, please? Thank you. Why not bring me sentences of love, happiness and romantic and poems and songs and let’s talk about things that are productive. Let God put aside.

  8. Anonimous

    I love you, Ryan.

  9. Bandela

    God loves you.

  10. David

    God Hates me to,He let my love lay in a coma for over 3 years then let her die.My dad just retired from many years as a laborer,All he wanted to do was go fishing,Instead Gog let him get cancer and die within months of retirement.Is that a loving person?I think not.I think he is cruel with no feeling.Since none of my prayers are ever answered I believe there is no god….

  11. Joshua

    I could not begin to explain how much i feel that god or the universe is against me too:/ but you would not believe… i need a straight answer from him.. i know one is not enough but to little to late is… I’ve just failed college because a teacher went nuts like sum hormone crazed cow… my mom was like that… I have nothing and now my chance to have anything is gone… my grandparents hate me that’s like saying your the retard bastard child of a howr i wish he would just end the monotony either kill me or let me try hard to live, all the time but do whatever your going to do the silence is killing me…

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