the mirror was my idea

what is up with scarface? i mean, that movie sucks, right? so how come brian de palma occasionally makes movies that are totally awesome? a couple months ago i saw sisters.

i won’t go into how great this movie is, but here’s a nice review if you’re interested (and by you i mean whitney and/or you, jesus).

the other night i saw body double. this movie is made right after scarface, so instead of making a movie even remotely like scarface, de palma makes a hitchcock movie. specifically, de palma merges vertigo and rear window except it’s totally the eighties. i mean jake house-sits in a space-needle house. but here’s the funniest part: i think the movie, liked sisters, was marketed as a thriller. that is funny on so many levels. and i think this is (one of) pt anderson’s favorite movie.

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  1. I loved Sisters! The blood looked so cool. Have you seen Phantom of the Paradise? It’s another de Palma movie that’s so weird and pretty funny.

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