not even the wicked can escape god’s love

remember how part of my last prayer disappeared? did you have anything to do with it?

here’s why i don’t think you had anything to do with it:
1. i tried to post a couple awesome pictures with my previous blog. one was of a drawing of the rapture complete with biblical explanations and the other was this weird painting that i think was a representation of jacob wrestling with an angel. but the pictures didn’t seem to work. they seemed too obvious. you know what i’m talking about. so i removed them, but also accidentally removed a paragraph of my prayer (some say the most important paragraph). in other words, it was my fault that paragraph got lost.
2. i’m trying to not attribute every coincidence to you. i know you supposedly work in mysterious ways, but do you really have the time to set all this stuff up?
3. my last prayer wasn’t very interesting, even with the forgotten paragraph, so i’m trying to blame you for my sub-par prayer by suggesting that you made it happen. i’ve just got to accept that most of my prayers are going to be prayers i’m embarrassed of. but that’s the whole point.

here’s why i do think you had something to with it:
1. even though the forgotten paragraph was entirely my fault (see number 1 above), it still could be your fault. this entire blog is set up with at least the hope that we can have some kind of interaction with you with the sub-hope that the internet may better facilitate such interactions. we are, however, doubtful such interactions are even possible or that you even exist. but if those interactions are possible, i’m thinking they would occur in very mysterious ways like deleting parts of my prayer.
2. but then what does it mean? that’s always the deal with you, right? like your response to moses, your always making it more and more difficult to understand you or what you’re up to.
3. plus, what happened to that part of my prayer? this blog is primarily a way to document prayers. but this part of my prayer is lost forever, like a teardrop in a rainstorm. is it now lost to even you?


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