listen to me child, i am what i am

i’ve been kind of down on ancient religious texts lately. i think it’s a language problem. that king james translation is a mess; it’s worse than trying to understand shakespeare. plus it’s not like they created this translation in a context free vacuum. and i don’t trust modern translations. they seem like they’ve all got an agenda, always trying to solve these religious questions by eliminating ambiguities to better argue for their already held conviction. maybe that’s unfair, but i you made me skeptical.

isn’t this the reason i love leonard cohen? or dreyer?

there’s one other thing i wanted to pray to you about. you know that part in the bible where you’re talking with moses in a burning bush (which is a pretty cool way to reveal yourself, if you ask me [i also like that you appear as a whirlwind to job])? moses is like, “so who should i say told me all this stuff?” and you’re like, “i am what i am.” i guess it’s most literally translated as “i shall be that i shall be” which adds this kind of becoming aspect to your nature. here’s what i like about this response: it’s almost an evasion of moses’ question. well, not quite an evasion but more like “i’m just this thing that you’ll never understand because you’re a human.”


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2 responses to “listen to me child, i am what i am

  1. brian

    somehow the second paragraph i wrote about why i’m rethinking the bible got lost. i’d recreate it, but i wonder if this happened on purpose. this is a prayer blog, after all. so i guess i’ll take it up with god again later.

  2. I think that phrase is also a little daunting because it seems to take the relativity out of everything. Like, maybe I like thinking of God a certain way, so I act a certain way to comply with that faith. But he is what he is. And what he is is not in compliance with my faith…so now what????

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