Creativity is Close to Godliness

This is what I did during conference:

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And this:

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So…it was a pretty successful day. Really, God, can’t you spice things up a bit? Conference reminded me of the blind guy at the baseball game last night: “Strike him out!!! LET’S GO!” and “Get a HIT!” In other words, really obvious, benign advice. Every year I watch, waiting for the next “if your ears are double pierced you’re the spawn of Satan” blow up. Every year it’s “forgive people” this, and “hope for the future” that. Borrrring.


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One response to “Creativity is Close to Godliness

  1. haddiefish

    Yeah, except there was that talk that was like, “It’s the year 2007, and we would still rather you were in a miserable marriage than get a divorce.”

    You’re just sore because you lost the pornography bet.

    “One-oh Se-ven!”

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