so we stop having these panic attacks but not these prophetic visions

god, do you remember that part in bladerunner where roy is about to die and he tells deckard something like his memories will be lost in time like tears in a rain storm? you know how much i hate ridley scott, but that scene is so nice because it is raining and then deckard sheds a tear for roy which is lost in the rain but it’s the first time in the film you don’t suspect deckard of being the only robot in the entire movie. plus it makes me wonder about the life status of computers. so computers are like humans in that they consist of physical materials, have computational abilities, store memory, are influenced by outside stimuli, have inner lives with no spacial or physical dimensions and can and will die.

we’ve been anthropomorphizing you a lot in these blogs, it makes sense since we’re humans, but maybe you’re more like a computer. rather, maybe it’ll help my thinking about you if i think of you more like a computer. or as aristotle would call you today, the un-computed computer.

i’ve been drawn to this idea about information technology lately. it’s just in its infancy right now, but basically i’m starting to believe that the information revolution we’re are currently in is being caused by the technology itself. somehow we’re working with or possibly for some kind of immaterial force that needs us to create hardware for it.  so we’re making movies and tv shows and computers and the internet and ipods because something is forcing us to as a way to bring itself into the material world.  i’m not saying this in a paranoid kind of way.  i’ve been able to work out how this makes evolutionary sense in my mind so i just think of it as an inevitable future.  but don’t ask me to spell out my argument here yet because i know it won’t make any sense.  right now it’s just an inuitition.  but it has to do a lot with rethinking chaos.  so maybe chaos isn’t something that destroys but the backdrop of all creation.

but the point for this blog is that maybe i should start thinking about you as an immaterial computer.  now i just need to figure out if computers have feelings.


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5 responses to “so we stop having these panic attacks but not these prophetic visions

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