I Woke Up With Hives This Morning

Today at devotional (preceeded by a prayer, so I’m sure you heard it all), Ken Burns referred to you as a He/She. I’ve heard it done a lot before (not so much on campus, but in all sorts of other intellectual arenas, mostly where people fancy themselves feminists. And probably it’s sincere.) but this time it sort of jarred me. I guess I’ve always had this LDS notion of a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother (the absense of your wife being swept under the rug by a “respect” platitude that doesn’t make any sense) who have to work together to create bodies from the intelligences of the universe. Wow, writing it out like that makes it sound even more ridiculous than I even realized. At any rate, the idea that you have any human definition of gender seems laughable to me right now. In a physical sense I guess I’m not very disturbed by the idea (which is unusual, since I seem to be disturbed by the idea in every other context…) due to the fact that whatever physical form anything takes I imagine it to be slightly unpleasant in various ways in my current state (part of our progression, I guess). But in the clearly defined gender roles/definitions that have come to mean so much to all cultures the fact that you would encompass one or the other is totally absurd. And I guess I’ve always been leaning in that direction and have violent reactions to anything contrary (like, the fact that God is a male because he controls the priesthood, which is some mystical power that I can’t quite grasp yet where men can create/control miracles. So he has to be male.) but I’ve always chalked it up to a cultural thing and not leading directly back to you.

So, what if you are a male? Wouldn’t that kind of explain a lot historically? Wouldn’t it account for a lot of the male/female power issues and relationship absurdities. And I’m not saying that in an Everybody Loves Raymond “Men are so CRAZY!” way. I’m suggesting that if you were female than power structures would be different, that’s all. If you created humans in your image, and if humans are prized above all your other creations (something I also don’t think I agree with, actually) than it seems natural that you would support the gender that mimics your own.

It seems more logical that you would have no gender at all and would encorporate socially androgynous humanistic qualities. Right?

So much for the theologizing; I get anxious. Could you maybe work on that a little? Because sometimes I get hives, and they aren’t pleasant.



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