we dress like students; we dress like housewives

i was flipping through this book i have on the evolution of the brain. (i’d give the title but i’d have to either walk into my room and look or open another tab and google it, but what’s the point? you, lord, know what book i’m talking about.) near the end pinker (i did use google to get the author’s correct name) writes

that’s where i ended my last blog-prayer.  should i just post them when i run out of things i want to mention to you?  actually, as whitney and you have already figured out, that first parenthetical accidentally trigured a panic attack about the name of our sports blog.  so i used the same title and wrote a shitty post over there asking if we should change the name.

i began this prayer (earlier this week) praying about the same stuff i always pray about.  i was going to talk about how pinker argues that since the brain evolved through natural selection as a way of surviving — a computational mind makes evolutionary sense for so and so reasons —  maybe we’re expecting to much of ourselves to think we can figure you out.  like your god and you either exist or you don’t but we don’t have the equipment to figure that out just like we don’t have the equipment to mentally rotate a four-dimensional object.  so maybe i shouldn’t sweat this stuff.  but then why am i so obsessed with things i have know way of ever knowing?  that doesn’t make evolutionary sense.

but if you can’t help me with that, maybe you could swing some of that friends-with-benefits my way too.


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