Ima Talk about JESUS!

I think I’ve decided that I can only pray on Sundays. I know that’s silly and totally against everything you’re all about – that whole always-keep-Me-in-your-hearts stuff – but I think there are people of a certain disposition who probably should take a break from you. Like, for example, me. The kind of girl who attends a religious institution but is pretty sure she doesn’t believe in that religion, so she spends a hell of a lot of time trying to figure out if Hell is even a feasible concept. Anyway, I think it’s time I focused on some more grounded thoughts and pick a contained section of time to concentrate on all this theoretical cosmology/spirituality stuff. I read this book called The Sabbath that talked about the importance of the seventh day in the Creation of the world. It was written by a Rabbi, but I still liked it.

Speaking of Jews. I don’t believe in the Devil. Can I still believe in Christ? A book I’m currently reading (look at me. what an intellectual sort!) called The History of the Devil gives some pretty compelling reasons for why the Devil was a political construct and that Christianity picked up the ball and rolled with it. Which makes sense, right. If You created the Devil than You created Evil, which kind of ruins everyone’s concept of You anyway. Like, no one believes you could create the potential for Evil so they invented the Devil, right? But if you invented the Devil than you did that exact thing they are so worried about. Isn’t it possible that we sometimes just have evil intentions and that those intentions are part of our spiritual nature and not necessarily the fault of physical bodies? (God, I hate the word “body.” I think it’s because of that girl in Harold and Maude, but I’m also going to blame it on Sunday School lessons, which would be partially Your fault.)

Anyway, it seems to me that not having a testimony of Satan makes for a better, perhaps more conscientious, lifestyle, but Christianity seems to disagree with me. That’s a bummer. Because Jesus seems like a pretty fly guy, if you ask me, and not just because he resisted the temptation of Power (if there is anything more stupid than bribing Jesus with Power…I don’t know what…not only is this concept of the Devil fairly ridiculous, but he has to be the stupidest, dullest, idiot ever. Appearing at bedsides, possessing farmers and inhabitants of the Bible Belt, and trying to get us to take that first drag. However, that trick that he pulls imitating You whenever he wants and confusing all sorts of inspiration – including polygamy? – is pretty clever and hilarious.)


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