TMA 494

Alright God, you’ve got a ten minute limit here as we take a break in my cinema and religion class.

Thing is, I don’t think I should be taking this class. I’ve become worried about the idea that I may be going crazy lately. Or at least slightly crazy, because maybe questioning my entire belief system is one of the saner things I’ve undertaken.

Okay, but this Featherstone…head…apostle?…guy said that I can see God (You?) in the following three ways: exhaltation, visitation, and interactions or watching interactions with others. Isn’t that great? I mean…I’m not sure about the exhaltation, visitation part…seems to me that the insane are the only ones who see God (so maybe this trip into crazyland is beneficial for me! I’ll be that dude in Ordet in no time!) so what is the point really? But the fact that God can be found in a connection between people is probably the most true and certain thing I’ve ever heard. It’s, like, this Vonnegut-esque, rational, humanistic approach to religion, which is usually about the most anti-humanist thing I can imagine. It’s the reason I study film or read books or any of those things that I usually feel are frivolous because they seem so steeped in personal enlightenment. Now I’m given justification.


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  1. brian

    that dude in ordet is like one of the best characters ever. and it’s all because of kierkegaard.

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