If There’s One Thing I Believe in, It’s a Golem

Alright, so I didn’t want to be the first person to address You. Clearly taking that first leap into this very huge and sometimes silly assumption goes against my cowardly nature. But now that prayer has been established and publicized, I think this could serve more of a purpose than I first considered. Yes, I am probably attempting to impress the impressionable with my foolish god-blabbing, but there’s something to organization and words. Like, if I can bring a Golem to life with three words (or so says The Jews and Fox Mulder) than I should be able to make minor realizations about the universe that maybe (personally) extend beyond Monty Python or Stephen Hawking.

At any rate, I feel like a direct address is iffy and capitalizations are questionable (to be used for clarification).

With that in mind, I feel like the argument in Catch-22, while slightly infantile seems pretty important. Not the old “why do bad things happen to good people” nonsense that assumes that You’re in charge of everything (because what would be the point, really?…a good question…) but the why do really really bad things have to happen for absolutely no reason at all. Why do I get cramps, for example? Couldn’t I have a box with a flashing light that signifies something different about my body without the monthly reminder that I’m a girl, no scientists/government officials care, and that sucks? Well, and what about Jesus? Is there some infinite law that states that in order for creations to be saved, one of them has to go through the worst kind of death possible? You’re God. Why don’t you go ahead and tweak that law a bit? I see the argument for challenges that will make us stronger. I’m not the biggest fan of Augustine’s claims about the body being unholy, but I get his point. But isn’t the fact that You are entirely silent, full of contradictions, omniscient and yet eternally progressing, isn’t that enough of a challenge?

There is no possible claim to know what You’re really all about. And if there are various rituals that we have to follow or suffer eternal damnation, than that would make you a real picky sonofabitch. And if the person who created me is such a pristine stickler for the rules, I’m depressed.

Which is why I don’t believe in organized religion.

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